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The evaluation was informative and objective enabling the ONDC to implement the majority of the recommendations flowing from the final report.

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Learner's Voice Research: Young People Employed in the Retail Sector

Date: February 2003 - July 2003
Client: Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership
Papworth Research & Consultancy worked with Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership to develop an approach to researching the perceptions of learning & training held by young people employed in both independent retail SMEs and in larger multi-outlet retail businesses.

The project was in two phases. The first involved a desk review of existing sources of information, supplemented by consultations with relevant local stakeholders: Learning & Skills Council Surrey; Business Link; Connexions; and the local provider of post-16 information, advice & guidance (IAG). The outcome of this phase was a costed proposal for piloting an approach to identifying and addressing the learning & training issues surrounding young people employed in the retail sector.

Phase Two involved the implementation of this research proposal and the production of a report which both described the outcomes of the research and identified the lessons learned from piloting the approach. In this way, the project enabled Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership to roll-out the pilot approach, amended in the light of issues identified by the pilot phase.

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