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Strategic Area Review: Local Area Reviews

Date: January 2003 - October 2003
Client: Learning & Skills Council Essex; KPMG
Papworth Research & Consultancy worked with KPMG to deliver reviews of 14+ education & training provision (in Basildon & Thurrock and in Castlepoint, Rochford & Southend) designed to help Learning & Skills Council Essex meet the requirements for its Strategic Area Review. Rachel Papworth designed self-completion surveys and undertook a series of consultations.

The self-completion surveys collected information from the following:

  • Parents

  • Year 12 students

  • Young people not in education or training.

    The consultations gathered perceptions of provision with relation to adequacy of volume, quality, relevance, accessibility, financial barriers to improvements, gaps, collaboration and priorities for action. They were undertaken with the following types of stakeholder:

  • Information, advice & guidance providers

  • Private training providers

  • Higher Education providers

  • Organisations delivering projects financed through the Local Initiatives Fund (LIF) and Single Regeneration Budget (SRB)

  • Headteachers of secondary schools.
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