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World Class Manufacturing

Date: August 1996 - April 1997
Client: Milton Keynes & North Bucks Chamber of Commerce, Training & Enterprise; Business Link Bedfordshire; Business Link Heart of England
This project, undertaken with Abrams Research Consultants, involved the following:
  • Exploring the links (clusters, supply chain links etc) between local industry sectors throughout the region and considering how these should influence the development of support.

  • Prioritising industry sectors and their needs with regard to their current and potential impact on local economies.

  • Improving the clients' knowledge and understanding of the scope and commonalities of 'World Class' initiatives available to local industry sectors.

  • Investigating exemplar world class and supply chain initiatives being delivered throughout the UK to enable the clients to build on best practice.

  • Developing a framework for the ongoing collation and dissemination of best practice activity and information between the partner Business Links.
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