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The evaluation was informative and objective enabling the ONDC to implement the majority of the recommendations flowing from the final report.

Ocean New Deal for Communities

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Market Research: Reception Facility for Community & Voluntary Organisations

Date: March 2001 - July 2001
Client: Hammersmith & Fulham Action for Disability
HAFAD and the Urban Partnership Group were considering the creation of a service providing a telephone reception facility for community and voluntary organisations. Papworth Research & Consultancy investigated the market for this service and the potential ways in which the service might be developed through the following research activities:
  • Examining local authority maintained lists of community and voluntary sector organisations to develop an understanding of the nature of the sector locally.

  • Telephone interviews with 21 community & voluntary sector organisations.

  • Telephone interviews with five organisations providing a similar or related service.

  • Investigating relevant telecommunications equipment and services.
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