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We have been impressed with the way Rachel Papworth has led these projects. She has sought to engage us, as the client, at every stage in the process and produced well researched, documented and authoritative final reports. Rachel is a very effective and professional communicator.

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Encouraging Graduates from Higher Education Institutions to Live & Work in Hampshire

Date: January 2000 - March 2000
Client: Hampshire Training & Enterprise Council
Hampshire Training & Enterprise Council commissioned this project to investigate the influences upon the decision making processes of graduates from the four Higher Education Institutions in Hampshire with regard to where they would live after they left their respective institutions.

The study involved the following components:
  • Consultations with the Heads of the Careers Services.

  • Consultations with Alumni Departments.

  • Consultations with Presidents of the Students' Unions.

  • Consultations with Hampshire employers who recruited a significant number of graduates.

  • One focus group in each institution with students (each from a specific degree discipline).
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