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The evaluation was informative and objective enabling the ONDC to implement the majority of the recommendations flowing from the final report.

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Evaluation of Childrens Centre Drop-in Provision

Date: July 2010 - January 2011
Client: East Sussex County Council
Papworth Research & Consultancy Ltd consulted Childrens Centre staff and service providers, and undertook a face-to-face quantitative survey of parents and carers, to establish the value of drop-in services. In particular, we investigated:

  • The effectiveness of these services in supporting and signposting families to use more targeted support provided in and/or by the Childrens Centre;

  • The extent to which activities provided were planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage;

  • The proportion of parents/carers using the services that had increased the amount they played with their children as a result of the services;

  • Perceptions of the extent to which parents’/carers’ understanding of child development and ability to apply this understanding had increased.
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