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Works & Skills Plan

Date: January 2010 - July 2010
Client: Norfolk County Council
Working with Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI) and Educe Ltd, Papworth Research & Consultancy was involved in the production of a Work & Skills Plan for Norfolk. Following a successful bid for Future Jobs Funding, Norfolk County Council was under a duty to produce a County-wide work and skills plan. The plan was designed to influence local and regional strategies; be a delivery plan for the County; identify the potential added value of partnership working; establish shared objectives, targets and performance management; enable scrutiny, and become a common basis for all commissioning. The plan was supported by a worklessness assessment, as part of which Papworth Research & Consultancy undertook discussion groups with unemployed Norfolk residents. The groups explored participants' experiences of employment support services, identifying ways in which the services could be made more effective.

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