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Foundation Degree Marketing & Development

Date: April 2007 - February 2008
Client: The Sussex Learning Network
Papworth Research & Consultancy undertook research for the Sussex Learning Network to inform the development and promotion of Foundation degrees in Sussex. The research investigated the following:
  • Successful methods of marketing Foundation degrees to target audiences

  • The main factors that influenced students to apply to study a Foundation degree

  • The experiences of Foundation degree students at different geographical locations across Sussex, and how these compared

  • The differences that were reported by current Foundation degree students between their expectations and experience of Foundation degree

  • Students' views on studying at a partner College compared to a university, and issues of student and institutional identity

  • Levels of awareness of the current Foundation degree campaign, and of the existence of Foundation degrees.

    The outcome was a series of recommendations for the Sussex Learning Network and other organisations, to improve the marketing and promotion of Foundation degrees in Sussex.

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    We also published a summary of our findings as:

    Papworth, Rachel (2008) Foundation Degrees: HE's Best-Kept Secret. In: Bringing Higher Education Within Reach [Internet]. Sussex Learning Network. Article 5.5, pp149-156.
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