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Evaluation of Business Information Matrix

Date: August 1998 - February 1999
Client: Business Link Dudley
Business Link Dudley commissioned an evaluation of its Business Information Matrix Network (The Matrix), a unique electronic information service, which had been adopted by several Business Links in the West Midlands.

The objective of the evaluation was to assess the impact of the increased functionality of the Matrix (achieved through developing the system to a networked rather than stand-alone system) in improving the following:
  • Access to information for external Business Link customers.

  • Access to information for internal Business Link customers.

  • Reliability of the provision of information via intranet.

    The evaluation methodology involved the following:

  • A satisfaction survey of external customers.

  • Consultations with internal customers (i.e. users within Business Links).

  • An assessment of the speed with which the stand-alone and networked systems could provide information.

  • An assessment of the increase in the number of topic pages held on The Matrix.
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