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We have been impressed with the way Rachel Papworth has led these projects. She has sought to engage us, as the client, at every stage in the process and produced well researched, documented and authoritative final reports. Rachel is a very effective and professional communicator.

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Evaluation of Career Management Module

Date: March 1998 - April 1998
Client: University of Central Lancashire
The University of Central Lancashire received funding from the Department for Education & Employment to undertake a two year project which aimed to develop students' career management skills. The project involved four strands of activity:
  • The development of CD-ROMs to assist career management skill development in undergraduate and graduate students.

  • The development of a website.

  • Curriculum development which aimed to assist staff to integrate careers education into, or add it to, the curriculum.

  • Staff development to support the above three activities.

    The University of Central Lancashire commissioned an evaluation of students' perceptions of the Career Management Module which was undertaken through the use of a self-completion questionnaire. The questionnaire included a mixture of quantitative and qualitative questions to measure perceptions and gather detailed information on students' experience of the module.
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