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Food Banks in Hampshire

Date: October 2014 - May 2015
Client: Bill Sargent Trust
Working with Urban Pollinators Ltd and the UK’s leading food bank researcher, Hannah Lambie-Mumford, we investigated the issues facing food bank providers, users and their partners throughout Hampshire.

The context for the research was a rise in food bank provision throughout the UK, prompting fierce discussion in political and media circles. Conflicting views were put forward on why demand was increasing, with a spectrum of opinions pinpointing welfare cuts at one end of the scale and a growing public awareness of the availability of ‘free’ food at the other.

The growth in food bank use in Hampshire offered a microcosm of these national debates.

Through in-depth interviews with food bank organisers, volunteers and users, we investigated how food banks were operating in Hampshire, what led people to use a food banks and what the experience of using one was like. Our report identified strategic issues for food banks to consider and is being used to inform local decision-makers, public service providers and voluntary organisations.

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