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The Impact of the Hampshire Local Welfare Assistance Scheme 2013-2014

Date: June 2014 - July 2014
Client: Hampshire County Council and Bill Sargent Trust
Working with Urban Pollinators, Rachel examined the impact of Hampshire's Local Welfare Assistance Scheme, and made recommendations for the future improvement and management of the scheme, in the context of national trends and policy developments.

The research involved in-depth interviews with organisations that were working in partnership with Hampshire County Council to deliver the scheme.

You can read the full report here

And a summary here.

"Hampshire County Council had been delivering Local Welfare Assistance for one year prior to approaching The Bill Sargent Trust to commission an independent research paper to look at the impact of this work over the first 12 months.

Papworth Research and Consultancy Ltd and Urban Pollinators Ltd were subsequently appointed to undertake this work. Hampshire County Council wanted to commission a piece of impartial research that went beyond numbers and high level statistics but contextualised a very public programme in a wider political and societal context.

Hampshire County Council now has a research paper that not only provides the contextual information required to better understand the reasons for the approach taken to deliver Local Welfare Assistance in Hampshire, but also identifies good practice, challenges, opportunities and risks.

The work carried out, against what was a challenging time frame, is of high quality. It strikes the right balance between addressing the project brief and achieving the aims for Hampshire County Council.

The paper provides a balanced and sometimes challenging account of the programme that demonstrates the integrity of the researchers in providing a truly independent, impartial and accurate piece of work.

There were three main aspects of working with Papworth Research and Consultancy Ltd and Urban Pollinators Ltd that made the difference:

• The desire to listen, contribute and engage fully with the formulation and the design of the research to ensure integrity and impartiality was maintained but that the expectations set out by Hampshire County Council were still driving their approach

• The ability and desire to use numbers, facts and case studies in such a way that they are clearly placed within the wider political and socio-economic context

• The ability to challenge and produce a research paper with clear and actionable recommendations".
Dan Stoneman, Transformation Co-lead, Supporting Troubled Families

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