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We have been impressed with the way Rachel Papworth has led these projects. She has sought to engage us, as the client, at every stage in the process and produced well researched, documented and authoritative final reports. Rachel is a very effective and professional communicator.

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Insight Women's Group Evaluation

Date: October 2011 - February 2012
Client: Hastings & St Leonard's Children's Centres Programme
The Insight Women’s Group programme uses psychotherapy and life coaching to raise women's self-awareness and understanding, empower them to take positive action, and support them to develop self-esteem, optimism, self-efficacy and resilience.

In the context of increasing expectations for Children’s Centres to provide evidence that demonstrates the long-term outcomes of their interventions, and the tightening of public sector funding, it is becoming even more important to undertake sensitive, meaningful evaluation of the support Children’s Centres provide to families.

Hastings & St Leonard’s Children’s Centres has therefore commissioned Papworth Research & Consultancy Ltd to undertake an evaluation of the Insight Women’s Group.

The aim of the evaluation is to look at the longer term impact of the Insight group. It will explore for how long beneficiaries use the strategies they learn, and the extent of the ongoing impact of these strategies on the lives of beneficiaries and their children.

The evaluation will be undertaken through in-depth, one-to-one interviews with beneficiaries.

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