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Rachel’s excellent project management skills and expertise in stakeholder engagement, business planning, service development and evaluation were integral to the project’s success.

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Evaluation of West Sussex Rural Social & Community Programme

Date: July 2010 - October 2010
Client: Action in Rural Sussex
Papworth Research & Consultancy Ltd evaluated this programme of projects addressing issues as diverse as rural affordable housing, health, access to services in rural areas, community transport provision and support for community buildings and assets.

The evaluation involved a review of monitoring and evaluation data, and consultations with programme management partners, project management partners, delivery partners, and beneficiaries.

Our evaluation report showed that the programme had anticipated the approach of the Coalition Government's Big Society by focussing on equipping local communities to deliver central and local government priorities. The strategic fit of the programme was found to be increasing, and Action in Rural Sussex is using the report both to inform future activities and to make a case for levering in funding from mainstream agencies.

The photos above show an affordable housing project, and a computer club supported through the programme.

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