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Your professionalism and participation has been remarkable. We couldn't have found a better external evaluator.

Brighton Peace & Environment Centre

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Evaluation of Climate Connections Project

Date: August 2009 - March 2012
Client: Brighton Peace & Environment Centre
Papworth Research & Consultancy was the independent external evaluator for the Climate Connections Project.

Climate Connections was funded by the Department for International Development and managed by a partnership of Brighton Peace & Environment Centre, Oxfam and Brighton & Hove City Council. It aimed to raise awareness among senior peoples' groups, black, minority ethnic & diaspora communities, and young people & families, of the effect of climate change on the developing world, and how it was hampering efforts to reduce poverty and work toward the Millennium Development Goals.

Papworth Research & Consultancy supported the Project Co-ordinator to develop and implement monitoring and evaluation systems. The systems enabled the project to gather quantitative and qualitative baseline and comparative data, report on the achievements of the project, and document learning generated by it. Concurrently, Papworth Research & Consultancy gathered qualitative data from the project management team on what was working well within the project and what might be improved, and made recommendations for the ongoing development of the project.

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