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Bexhill & Rural Children's Centre Program

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Children's Centres Phase 3 Consultation

Date: December 2008 - March 2009
Client: East Sussex County Council
Papworth Research & Consultancy assisted East Sussex County Council to fulfill the Department for Children, Schools & Families' requirement that the views of parents/carers were taken into account in planning service provision associated with Phase 3 Children's Centres. Most of East Sussex' Phase 3 Children's Centres serve rural areas with dispersed populations.

To ensure that the needs of local communities were reflected in the plans for service delivery, East Sussex County Council commissioned us to undertake focus groups with parents/carers and with service providers. We investigated what services rural Sussex families wanted from Children's Centres and what services providers thought would be appropriate.

The results both directly influenced service delivery, and informed the design of a questionnaire-based survey which was used to explore further the focus group findings.

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