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Neighbourhood Involvement Facilitation Strategy

Date: June 2007 - November 2007
Client: Ealing Council
Papworth Research & Consultancy's evaluation of the Community Capacity Building sub-programme of Ealing's Neighbourhood Renewal Programme found a requirement for community capacity building that would continue beyond the availability of Neighbourhood Renewal Funding.

In response, Ealing Council's Strategic Partnerships Unit commissioned Papworth Research & Consultancy to audit the neighbourhood involvement resources of Local Strategic Partnership members and assess the following:
  • The positive outcomes arising from Ealing LSP's investment in neighbourhood involvement
  • The resources allocated to neighbourhood involvement across Ealing LSP
  • Gaps in provision
  • The potential to address gaps through redeployment of resources
  • Other appropriate actions the LSP could take to address the gaps and enhance the neighbourhood involvement programme delivered through Ealing Community Network.
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