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Sustainability: Vocational Learning Infrastructure

Date: June 2007 - February 2008
Client: The Sussex Learning Network
As part of its planning for sustainability, the Sussex Learning Network commissioned Papworth Research & Consultancy to explore the role which the Sussex Learning Network could play as a service, targeted at employers and employees and those preparing to enter the workforce, to support vocational learning delivered by further and higher education in Sussex.

Papworth Research & Consultancy undertook consultations with Information, Advice & Guidance agencies, the Further Education sector, the Higher Education sector, the work-based learning sector, local authorities, economic partnerships, sector skills councils, employer representatives and regional regeneration agencies.

We provided our findings and recommendations in a report to the SLN and published a summary as:

Papworth, Rachel (2008) Exploring the Demand for Learning Opportunities in the South East. In: Bringing Higher Education Within Reach [Internet]. Sussex Learning Network. Article 3.6, pp83-86.

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