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Evaluation of Equal Project Prime Advantage

Date: March 2007 - August 2007
Client: Medway Council
Prime Advantage was an Equal funded project which aimed to address labour market disadvantage faced by older people (whether currently employed or unemployed) in the Thames Gateway area.

Papworth Research & Consultancy evaluated the Action Two phase of the project with the following objectives:
  • To assess the impact of the project, including the value it added to existing activities of partners

  • To assess the relative benefits of the involvement of partners

  • To identify the innovation within the project

  • To assess what had worked well and what less well, make recommendations for improvement and draw out learning points for dissemination

  • To assess the sustainability of the project activities, including potential sources of funding and the viability of joint approaches with other regional projects addressing the needs of older people.

    Papworth Research & Consultancy undertook desk research (examining contractual documents, the Delivery Plan, analyses of monitoring/beneficiary satisfaction data, and documentation relating to other regional projects addressing the needs of older people), consulted those involved in project management and delivery, and undertook qualitative beneficiary research.
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