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I found the evaluation report well balanced and informative – it provided us with information and views we didn’t know at the time of commissioning the evaluation and I found this very beneficial.

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Evaluation of Infant Community Nursery Nurse Service

Date: December 2006 - March 2007
Client: Rural Sussex Children's Centre Programme, Greater Hollington Children's Centre Programme, Bexhill Children's Centre Programme
We evaluated the impact of Infant Community Nursery Nurse posts to inform decisions as to whether the posts would be mainstreamed by the Primary Care Trust. Through a series of consultations, we explored the following questions:
  • Did the posts effectively link the Midwifery and Health Visiting teams?

  • What value did they provide to these teams?

  • How did they contribute to the implementation of the joint PCT/Children's Centre Health Action Plans?

  • What were the outcomes for families?

  • How could they continue to achieve such outcomes if the posts were 'owned' by the PCT?
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